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Circles Filter

Pack of 30 Circles Filters

Made from team by Roasters, Baristas and Q-Graders

Made in-house from certified BPI & FSC materials 

2 Size and 8 Color options

size 1: up to 15 grams

size 2: up to 25 grams


Specialty Coffee

We source and roast 100% specialty grade Arabica coffee. Roasted by 20+ years Master Roaster who worked for Equator Coffee and currently supplies coffee to Michelin Star Restaurants and Specialty Coffee Stores in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Filter Composition

Our food safe filters are made from FSC certified papers which are sourced responsibly.

Product Dimensions

Our Industrially compostable Filters are 3.66 inches in diameter.

Try our Recipes

Our smooth and bold single serve circles can be placed in any cup, mug, or carafe. Add condiments like creme and alternative milks to enjoy!

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